Applications of the Process

The process produces intricate castings of near net or final shape with an exceptional surface finish and dimensional control. Castings can be produced with sizes from a few mm to over 1000mm in diameter and component weights of up to 250 kg.

Tolerances: 0.13mm per 25mm (typical) or 0.06mm per 25mm (if required).

Surface finish: super polish, 0.8μm, 1.5μm, 3.2μm.

Applications include components for:

Gas Turbines,
Medical Prosthetics,
General Engineering,
Art and Jewellery.

Applications (1) Applications (2)


Almost any alloy can be cast using this process, full details of the range of alloys are given in the “Investment Casting Handbook”, ISBN 1-56061-049-2 published by the Investment Casting Institute, Dallas Texas USA. European alloy specifications are given in the Institute of Materials Publication “Investment Casting” by Beeley and Smart, ISBN 0-901716-66-9. Examples include:

Engineering Medical Aerospace & IGT Marine Jewellery Art Special Applications
Silicon Irons Cobalt Alloys Ni Base Superalloys High Nickel Alloys Silver Bronzes and Brasses Nuclear alloys
Carbon Steels High Alloy Steels Titanium Bronzes and Brasses Gold   Electrical alloys
Low Alloy Steels   Aluminium   Bronzes and Brasses   Intermetallic alloys
High Alloy Steels   High Alloy Steels       Wear Resistant alloys
Tool Steels            
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