Full membership of the Federation is open to all European Investment Foundries and Suppliers to the industry. Research organisations and Universities with connections to the Industry are also welcome to join.

The Federation offers associate membership to foundries and suppliers outside the European Continent subject to EICF Board approval. Associate membership offers the same privileges as full membership but without voting rights or Board membership.

There is a single class of full membership, the membership fee for 2018 is €875 (£750) per year. The membership fee for associate membership is €950 per year and the new figure of Alumni for individuals that would like to keep on linked to this industry is €100. Membership details and applications for membership can be obtained from the secretarial office or by downloading the application forms.

Membership Benefits

Application forms are available from the secretarial office. You can also download a copy (Microsoft Word format, PDF) and mail it to the secretarial office.

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