Research & Development

The EICF encourages participation in collaborative projects which benefit the industry by reducing costs and developing manufacturing technology. Research projects are financially supported through collaborating member companies, national research councils and the European Union. The EICF have an R&D division which includes both universities and national research institutes. Contact details of these organisations are found on the members pages of this website.

Currently the EICF have projects which are supported by the membership and through the E.U. Framework 7 programme.

Enhanced shell making through the use of Electrophoresis

This project is supported though a consortium of EICF members in association with the UK academic support fund and researchers at Birmingham University UK. The research will investigate the potential of using electrophoresis to assist the deposition of prime coat refractories to enhance the surface finish and to coat the internal surfaces of wax patterns. More information is available in the Electrophoresis Project Summary. Additionally, a paper on the development of conducting wax patterns has been published in the Journal of Materials Science: vol 48, Issue 21 (2013) and can be downloaded here.

Converting foundry waste heat into electricity

The EICF are partners in this Framework 7 project coordinated by Tecnalia (Spain) and led by a consortium of European partners. The project has been identified as FOUNDENERGY and will deliver a process for converting waste heat from melting furnaces and firing kilns using the principle of the Organic Rankin Cycle to convert heat into electrical energy. The project was launched at the end of 2011 and will be completed by 2014. The project's progress is announced through public newsletters and can be downloaded from the below PDF documents:

7 Epsilon Knowledge Management

The EICF are supporting the 7 Epsilon project to capture manufacturing knowledge for the foundry industry and prepare an ontology based repository of data for use by manufacturing and process engineers. Details of this project can be obtained from the project leader Dr Rajesh Ransing of Swansea University (r.s.ransing AT swansea.ac.uk).

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